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SKU-BOYP93665 Imperial Lantern Pendant by Boyd Lighting from   sku

Imperial Lantern Pendant by Boyd Lighting - BOYP93665 by Boyd Lighting

Item description: This Lighting Ceiling Lights product is by Boyd Lighting - The Boyd Lighting Imperial Lantern Pendant is an elegant lantern forged from polished and precision-cut metal. Housed within the thick metal cage is an etched white glass diffuser, spreading a bright light through the ten open facets in addition to the direct light below. Every detail fits together seamlessly in a refined and durable design, showcasing Boyd’s reputation for skilled metal work. Family operated since its founding in 1921 in the Bay Area of California, Boyd Lighting focuses on the highest quality materials, construction and design. Each piece is stamped with a yearly edition and their commitment to refinement is unparalleled. At their modern manufacturing facility in Colorado Springs, precision, performance and energy efficiency are the foremost values in creating their line of luxurious, heirloom-quality fixtures.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Boyd Lighting

Keywords: Imperial Lantern Pendant, Boyd Lighting, Ceiling Lights , Pendant Lighting , Medium & Large Pendants

Category: Ceiling Lights


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