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SKU-BROP95706 Capsula LED Pendant by Brokis from   sku

Capsula LED Pendant by Brokis - BROP95706 by Brokis

Item description: This Lighting Ceiling Lights product is by Brokis - The Brokis Capsula LED Pendant is a striking synthesis of rounded glass chambers, overlapping and fusing together like a Venn diagram. The common factor is the tubular diffuser within, connecting the two glass cells and emitting a frosted LED light similar to a fluorescent lamp. The outer shell is left transparent while the interior is tinted, altering the coloration of the light, which is then capped with solid oak and harnessed by a decorative black cord. The complex design is made possible by expert glassmakers who inspect the hand-blown glass at every stage of production. Based in the Czech Republic, Brokis builds on the age-old art of Bohemian glassblowing, producing exclusive lines of artisanal lighting and decorative objects with a focus on superior quality and design. Designed by acclaimed Czech and international artists, the fusion of a two-hundred year tradition with an avant-garde approach to lighting instills a distinctive character in all Brokis products.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Brokis

Keywords: Capsula LED Pendant, Brokis, Ceiling Lights , Pendant Lighting , Medium & Large Pendants

Category: Ceiling Lights


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