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SKU-CRNP111569 Camur LED Linear Suspension by Cerno from   sku

Camur LED Linear Suspension by Cerno - CRNP111569 by Cerno

Item description: This Lighting Ceiling Lights product is by Cerno - Make some waves in contemporary dining rooms or kitchens with the large Cerno Camur LED Linear Suspension. Made out of natural walnut, the shade's design is distinguished by a single curve...on two sides; the same gentle wave viewed from underneath appears again when the suspension is viewed from the side. Meanwhile, the energy efficient LED array within emits bright (dimmable) and warm downlight. Three friends, one focus -- art resolved with science. Founders Daniel Wacholder, Nick Sheridan and Bret Englander make up Cerno, a furniture and lighting company that specializes in creating LED lighting and contemporary pieces that combine modern aesthetics with today's increasing demand for energy efficient lighting designs.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Cerno

Keywords: Camur LED Linear Suspension, Cerno, Ceiling Lights , Chandeliers & Linear Suspension , Linear Suspension

Category: Ceiling Lights


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