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  • Nemo Chair by Driade

    Nemo Chair by Driade
    The ideal outdoor chair for when you need eyes at the back of your head. The Driade Nemo Chair is certainly a statement piece. It is over 4 feet tall, and is mo...(more)

    $1,335.00 More Details
  • Nemo Swivel Chair by Driade

    Nemo Swivel Chair by Driade
    The Driade Nemo Swivel Chair is certain to cause quite a few double takes. And with its swivel base, it can do some of them itself. Molded out of a single piece...(more)

    $1,655.00 More Details
  • Clover Armchair by Driade

    Clover Armchair by Driade
    Get all the luck you need to create a stylish outdoor lounging area with the Driade Clover Armchair. Designed by Ron Arad, this playful chair is molded out of a...(more)

    $480.00 More Details
  • Mermaid Chair by Driade

    Mermaid Chair by Driade
    It is a well-known fact that mermaids require special seating to accommodate their tails. The Driade Mermaid Chair was designed with that special form in mind. ...(more)

    $560.00 More Details
  • Modesty Veiled Chair by Driade

    Modesty Veiled Chair by Driade
    Like a single piece of draped fabric, the Driade Modesty Veiled Chair ensures a bit of comfort, relaxation and privacy just when and where you need it. The real...(more)

    $695.00 More Details
  • Plie Armchair by Driade

    Plie Armchair by Driade
    Conversation can be a bit of an art: give and take, listen and respond. In fact, one could equate it to a dance. The Driade Plie Armchair was designed to encour...(more)

    $1,121.00 More Details