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Search results for "Lighting: Brand Zaneen"

  • Fly Pendant by Zaneen

    Fly Pendant by Zaneen
    Contemporary lighting takes off with the Zaneen Fly Pendant. The linear pendant features two curved panels of Satin White glass which--like wings--flap up or do...(more)

    $657.60 More Details
  • Fly Wall Sconce by Zaneen

    Fly Wall Sconce by Zaneen
    Light takes flight with the Zaneen Fly Wall Sconce, designed by Roberto Favaretto. Rotating around the metal base, the shade (a curved panel of Satin White glas...(more)

    $699.20 More Details
  • Baan Wall Sconce by Zaneen

    Baan Wall Sconce by Zaneen
    The Zaneen Baan Wall Sconce uses the reflective qualities of stainless steel to maximize the efficiency and light dispersal of its inner fluorescent lamp. The s...(more)

    $376.00 More Details
  • Willy Pendant by Zaneen

    Willy Pendant by Zaneen
    The Zaneen Willy Pendant, an expression of elegance and function, features the delicate nature of blown glass and the enduring strength of metal. Available in B...(more)

    $380.80 More Details
  • Willy 100 Pendant by Zaneen

    Willy 100 Pendant by Zaneen
    The Zaneen Willy 100 Pendant, impressive in size and composition, provides ample light for the living room or contemporary kitchen. Its bottom glass diffuser is...(more)

    $3,088.00 More Details
  • Ring Pendant by Zaneen

    Ring Pendant by Zaneen
    Add a contemporary punch to the kitchen or living room with the Zaneen Ring Pendant. Dual rings, one of blown glass, one of metal, encircle each other in a mode...(more)

    $1,286.40 More Details
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